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Creating Free-Flowing Powder to Boost Energy Storage

Tuesday, 8th August, 2017

The Micronizer jet mill from Sturtevant relies on particle-on-particle attrition to cause particle size reduction that boosts power capabilities within batteries

To create powerful batteries, energy storage manufacturers need to increase the surface area of the lithium – or carbon-based materials that act as electrolytes between the positive and negative electrodes. During size reduction, it is critical that the lithium or carbon not become contaminated and maintain its purity for the final product. The Sturtevant Micronizer brand jet mill reduces the particle size of lithium and carbon powders without contamination or heat buildup.

Sturtevant Micronizer Jet MillThe Sturtevant Micronizer Jet Mill yields particle sizes down to 0.25µm. Its use of fluid energy allows it to out-perform mechanical grinding systems without risk of contamination.

The Micronizer employs high-pressure compressed air, steam, or other gas to disperse and deagglomerate the particles. It consistently produces low-micron-sized particles whose chemical reactivity is increased compared to larger particles thanks to their far greater surface area.

The Micronizer’s open manifold design allows complete access to the internal material grinding chamber and compressed air  chamber for easy cleaning, product changeover, or inspection. There are no dead zones to trap material, no moving parts, and no grinding media or lubricants to contaminate the lithium or carbon being milled.

The Micronizer utilizes a unique fluid energy grinding system to generate particle-on-particle impact without raising temperatures that could damage the material being milled. Its high-performance design surpasses the economical fineness limit of mechanical grinders.

Sturtevant can solve the most challenging wear and contamination problems using interchangeable wear-resistant liners such as PureLine, ShieldOx, and ArmorLine, and specifically engineered coatings like Lubriguard to provide contamination-free wear protection and enhance product quality and throughput.

Sturtevant offers a fully equipped test facility for conducting customer trials with the objective of determining the optimum equipment and system layout for each application. Sturtevant invites customers to witness testing while determining the best way to achieve fine particle sizes and understand grinding characteristics.

About Sturtevant

Headquartered in Hanover, Massachusetts, Sturtevant Inc. is a family-owned manufacturer of materials processing equipment, including crushers, fine grinders and air classifiers. Since 1883, the company has provided processing solutions to the chemical, pharmaceutical, foods and mineral processing industries. Founded by Thomas L. Sturtevant, the company is currently managed by W. Sturtevant English, Jr., the fifth generation from the company’s founder.Sturtevant Logo


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