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The Bizerba GLM-P 2S provides automatic identification of the pallets by applying labels to a maximum of 3 sides and at 3 different heights. The shipping data, which conforms to the GS1/ EPCglobal standard, is printed on A5-sized labels which are then attached to the pallet. This guarantees for example the retraceability of food destined for either human or animal consumption (EU directive 178/2002). Thanks to the GLM-P 2S high-speed printing and labelling, a throughput of up to 300 pallets an hour is possible. A roll containing up to 2000 self-adhesive labels means that interruptions to operations are kept to a minimum, thus reducing production downtime and set-up costs. Labelling on three sides means a pallet label can always be read, regardless of whether the pallet is transported in the recommended manner or not.

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