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Piab Vacuum Conveying

The animation describes the vacuum conveying cycle, from the suction point to discharge.

Vacuum Conveying Coffee

A Piab IC3304 vacuum conveyor with extra batch volume is used for conveying of ground coffee


Piab's latest vacuum conveyor doubles the conveying capacity compared to conventional conveyors.

Piab Conveying Coffee Beans

Highly efficient material handling solution. The vacuum conveyor is of USDA/FDA design and is easy to maintain.

Change of filter in piFLOW

The video demonstrates how easy it is to change the filter in Piab's piFLOW® vacuum conveyor.

piFLOWt Tablet Conveyor

Successfully solving the problems of using vacuum technology to convey tablets, Piab introduces piFLOWt, the industry’s first dedicated tablet conveyor.

piFLOWt Overview

Suitable for transporting up to four million tablets per hour, the piFLOWt tablet conveyor is primarily targeted at the pharmaceutical industry.

Conveying Process for piFLOWt

Successfully solving the problems of using vacuum technology to convey delicate tablets, Piab introduces piFLOWt


Vacuum ejector piCOMPACT®23 is now available with a range of unique and patented added features

Meet piSMART®

Piab is introducing piSMART® – more intelligent and cloud-connected versions of the company's most advanced vacuum technology products

In The Nutraceutical Industry

piFLOW® vacuum conveyors handle everything from bulk powders and granules to delicate tablets. Regardless of whether they are used for baking goods, confectionery, instant food, food additives or nutraceuticals, piFLOW® vacuum conveyors meet the demands of the global food industry.

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