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What is a Micron Anyway?

Wednesday, 14th February, 2018

In the business of particle size reduction you may hear the word, ‘micron’ thrown around. So, what exactly is a micron, and how small is it? In the material reduction industry, micron size is a ‘big’ deal. Let’s take a step back and first define the word itself, ‘micron’ is a shortened word for ‘micrometer’, it comes from the Greek word “Mikros” which means small. (That’s an understatement if we ever heard one, but the Greeks know their stuff so


Expanded piFLOWp Offers Wet-In-Place Function

Friday, 19th January, 2018

Ensuring a safer working environment in food and pharmaceutical processing plants, Wet-In-Place (WIP) functionality has been added to Piab’s popular piFLOWp vacuum conveyors. WIP spray nozzles are now available for inclusion/retrofitting in new and existing piFLOWp conveying systems.  The water sprayed by the WIP nozzles will wet any dust from food or pharmaceutical materials left in conveyors, stopping it from escaping into the air where it can be inhaled by processing staff during maintenance or cleaning procedures. By wetting potentially harmful leftover material


Perfecting Particle Size For Agricultural Chemicals

Wednesday, 6th December, 2017

The Micronzier Jet Mill from Sturtevant boosts reactivity by grinding particulate materials to sub-micron sizes – without the heat buildup that  can harm sensitive products Many chemical compounds are highly susceptible to temperature-related degradation. The Sturtevant Micronizer brand jet mill reduces the particle size of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and other dry chemicals to 0.25 μm or larger with narrow size distributions and without heat buildup. The Micronizer employs high-pressure compressed air, steam or other gas to disperse and deagglomerate the


Sturtevant Micronizer Jet Mill

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