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Established in 1934, Russell Finex is a worldwide leader in fine mesh separation, providing innovative screening and filtration solutions for a vast range of applications across the world. Their wide range of vibratory screeners/sieve and in-line self-cleaning filters improve product quality by removing contamination from powders and liquids and can be custom built to meet your exact requirements.

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Innovative Vibratory Sieve & Screeners

Vibratory Screener Russell Compact SieveRussell Finex’s range of vibratory screeners are designed to remove oversize contamination or grade products where the particle size is 5 micron or higher. Their wide range of mechanical vibratory screeners means they can help you improve your product quality, whatever your requirements.

Vibratory Screeners & Sieve Key Benefits

Finex Separator

russell finex sieve separator sepsolThese revolutionary vibratory separators are designed for accurate grading, scalping or sizing of wet and dry materials up to five fractions in one operation. It benefits from major advances in separation technology providing large improvements in sieving accuracy, capacity, noise levels and upgradeability compared with traditional spring suspension separators. To best fit these vibratory separators into your production line and to make sure we can handle whatever throughput you require, the Finex Separator™ is available in four sizes: 30″, 40″, 48″ and 60″ diameter. Animated video here.

Finex Separator Features & Benefits

View our range of vibratory screeners:
Sieve & Screening machines
Grading Vibratory Machines
Centrifugal screener Liquid Solid Separator

Ultrasonic Deblinding Systems

Russell Vibrasonic Ultrasonic SieveRussell Finex’s innovative ultrasonic sieve deblinding system has revolutionized the way difficult powders are screened on sieve meshes, increasing capacities and allowing accurate separation down to 20µm. Known as the patented Vibrasonic® Deblinding System (VDS), the system consists of a generator and a probe and applies an ultrasonic frequency directly to the mesh screen, effectively making the mesh wires friction free and eliminating blinding and blocking of the mesh apertures.

Key Benefits Of  Ultrasonic Deblinding Systems

Industrial Self Cleaning Filters

Industrial self-cleaning liquid filter, Liquid Solid SeparatorWith a wide range of self cleaning industrial filters to suit your unique processing requirements, you can be rest assured that your liquid products will be free from contamination. All our industrial filters are based on the high performance Self Cleaning Russell Eco Filter ® design, featuring the unique SpiroKlene™ wiper system to provide effective and continuous filtration down to 10 micron. Whether you are filtering liquid chocolate, removing contamination from your liquid paint or looking to protect up stream equipment, there is a Russell Eco Filter® solution for you.

Key Benefits of Self Cleaning Filters

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