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Latest News / Blog - January 2016

Why you shouldn’t size your airlocks for 100% pocket fill

Monday, 25th January, 2016

While most airlocks can be classified as a type of feeder valve, not all feeder valves are airlocks. This means using the same methods to size all of your feeder valves could be resulting in a lower-than-expected filling efficiency. To achieve the material feed rate requirements, certain key application details need to be reviewed. Material feed rate required Think of your airlock size and material feed rate like a bowl of cereal. You don’t pour cereal all the way to


ACS AF Series Feeder Valve

Gravity Drop Metal Detector

Tuesday, 12th January, 2016

Advanced Detection Systems releases its ProScan Max II Gravity Drop metal detector designed specifically for dry powder, granulated and milled materials.   Advanced Detection Systems Inc., a world leader in manufacturing metal detection systems, is pleased to announce its new ProScan Max II Gravity Drop metal detector. Specifically designed for gravity-fed metal detection of dry powders, granulated, milled and free-flowing products, the ProScan Max II Gravity Drop offers state-of-the-art detection levels for ferrous, non-ferrous, and stainless steel metals. The ProScan Max II Gravity


ProScan Gravity Drop Metal Detector Advanced Detection Systems SepSol

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