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Latest News / Blog - December 2016

Why Airlocks Leak And How to Minimize Leakage

Friday, 16th December, 2016

ACS Valves Explain Why Airlocks Leak And How to Minimize Leakage Rotary airlocks are designed to keep a consistent pressure differential, so the material can travel efficiently through the pneumatic system. They do this by “locking” or sealing the airflow between the inlet and outlet. Without airlocks, pressurized air would be to flow upwards, block material from entering the inlet, and reduce flow drastically. Having said that, ‘airlock’ is a misnomer, because even the best ones will leak. In fact,


ACS Valves Airlocks Leak Article Image

Reduction of chipping tablets by using piFLOW®t

Friday, 9th December, 2016

Piab’s piFLOW®t tablet conveyor with pre-separator leads to strong reduction of chipping tablets Background A large German company in the pharmaceutical industry was having problems with the conveying of paracetamol tablets for some time. There was very frequent chipping of the tablets during the conveying process, which led to a high degree of dissatisfaction among the end users. In addition, manual transfer by hand into the transport container as well as filling the funnel of the blister packaging machine resulted


Piab's PiFLOW®t Tablet Conveyor

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