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Latest News / Blog - July 2017

Air Classification for Low-ash Meal Processing

Wednesday, 26th July, 2017

Of all the rendered poultry products produced annually, an estimated 25 percent is currently being processed into the key protein ingredient used in dry pet foods. Poultry protein meal, which can be up to 40 percent of the typical pet food formula, accounts for more than 85 percent of dietary protein and 30 percent of dietary fat in pet food nutrition. Necessary for proper digestion, the pet food-grade product must meet low ash/high protein parameters. In doing so, its value


Sturtevant Air Classification Article Image

How to Increase the Life Expectancy of Your Machinery

Tuesday, 18th July, 2017

Your valve has led such a long, fulfilling life. But bless her—and yes she’s a lady—she’s not working as she used to. For those who hate saying goodbye: As we reflect on all of the things our valves do for us during their life cycle, we might ask ourselves what caused such a heavy-duty piece of machinery to move from being a youthful spring chicken, to that geriatric hunk of metal sitting in our system. So before you lay your valve


Machinery Image

Frewitt – Discover the FreDrive Crusher

Tuesday, 11th July, 2017

Performing, Modular, Innovative  The FreDrive-Crusher is a machine specially designed for crushing products in the pharmaceutical and food industries. The new concept behind the FreDrive-Crusher allows for the machine to be easily converted from an oscillating mill to a crusher for products with an input size between 3-15 cm, reducing them to pieces of 1-2 cm. An intelligent system integrated in the mill allows the rotor to reverse if the rotor becomes blocked. This function prevents a mechanical overload of the


Frewitt FreDrive Crusher

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