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Latest News / Blog - August 2017

Dry Sorbent Injections for SO3 & Other Pollution Mitigation

Tuesday, 29th August, 2017

What is a Dry Sorbent Injection System? A dry sorbent injection system is an effective method of pollution control that uses ground, powdered, or other fine-grain sorbent materials to reduce harmful emissions from exhaust gases generated by industrial processes. The sorbents are pneumatically injected from a storage silo into the flue gas stream, where it adsorbs vaporized mercury or other toxic substances from flue gas. The sorbent material used and the rate at which it is injected depend upon the


Dry Sorbent Injection for SO3 Mitigation

Tips for Conveying Recycled Plastic Flakes

Friday, 18th August, 2017

Flakes are the dainty little slivers of material often used in plastics recycling. That is, they’re dainty until they get stuck somewhere along your conveying line, where they melt together and form a giant flake monster that brings production to a screeching halt. To avoid any unearthly plastic blobs from breaking your equipment, here are a few tips for conveying recycled plastic flakes.   Where might problems arise? Giant flake monster isn’t, as you guessed, the technical term. What we’re talking


Tips for Conveying Recycled Plastic Flakes

Creating Free-Flowing Powder to Boost Energy Storage

Tuesday, 8th August, 2017

The Micronizer jet mill from Sturtevant relies on particle-on-particle attrition to cause particle size reduction that boosts power capabilities within batteries To create powerful batteries, energy storage manufacturers need to increase the surface area of the lithium – or carbon-based materials that act as electrolytes between the positive and negative electrodes. During size reduction, it is critical that the lithium or carbon not become contaminated and maintain its purity for the final product. The Sturtevant Micronizer brand jet mill reduces


Sturtevant Micronizer Jet Mill

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