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Latest News / Blog - March 2018

Rommelag Flex – Flecozip

Wednesday, 7th March, 2018

Flecozip is designed with handling hazardous substances and sensitive bulk goods in mind. The clever system allows for the dust-tight connection of process units and transports containers, and prevents contamination during decanting, filling, or the taking of samples. Flecozip is the answer to the stringent protection requirements that have to be met when developing and producing pharmaceuticals. Flecozip also offers impressive cost-effectiveness from start to finish (of the production line), because it’s hard to find a quicker way to achieve


10 Reasons To Choose The Pharmaceutical Micronizer

Friday, 2nd March, 2018

The Pharmaceutical Micronizer is the world’s most popular jet mill reviewed and accepted by the USDA. So there are many reasons why a company might choose the Pharmaceutical Micronizer to jet mill their active pharmaceutical ingredients and excipients, but to make it easy for you, Sturtevant listed the top ten reasons below: USDA Design: Engineered specifically for sanitary applications. Common materials such as orals, injectables, inhalers, topicals, antibiotics, nutritionals, steroids, vitamins and more Guaranteed Results: Consistently produces particles as small


Pharma Micronizer

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