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5 Great Reasons To Lunch & Learn with SepSol

Lunch & Learns are a format for advancing learning within the challenging pace of our worksites today. When your department or process is running like clockwork it can be a challenge to carve out time to effectively offer your team the experience and exposure to ever-evolving solutions available outside of your location. For many businesses, from large corporations to small start-ups, an on-site ‘mini-course’ Lunch & Learn format has already proven itself beneficial to overall skillsets, productivity and growth; and SepSol’s Lunch & Learn presentations and demonstrations are no exception.  We can provide your team valuable, experienced content at your location. Here are just 5 of the great reasons to take advantage of Lunch & Learn topics from SepSol for your teams!

1. Hands-on opportunity to get familiar with a product or process

Quite often, teams working with a long-standing production process fall into an unspoken rut of accepting the limitations of their procedures and making the most of them.  Often these stagnant methods originated from the limited available options to satisfy safety requirements when the process was founded.  Years of research, development and progress may go by without any dramatically impactful improvements implemented. Essentially allowing something that “ain’t broke” go on without fixing.  Lunch & Learns bring hands-on exposure to the processes and solutions available now.  This short-format hands-on experience is invaluable in weighing out process efficiency and longevity.  Often a review of basic best practices from a fresh perspective leads to new questions, better understanding and increased effectiveness of procedures.

2. Access to immediate Questions & Answers

Our experience and knowledge here at SepSol is made available to your team for discussion, questions & answers, and demonstrations. Skip the line and effectively ‘pick our brains’ without even needing to leave your location.

3. In-depth insight to the details of a product or process

Our team’s experience and know-how is a direct result of our varied partnerships. We steep our team in the details and nuances of what our partners offer, and why! Sometimes the reasons to, or not to implement a particular product or procedure can only come from depth of experience; our partners continue to educate us and we bring that knowledge and experience to our Lunch & Learns to benefit your team. Our national and international partner engineers, designers and process experts are also often involved at our Lunch & Learns.

4. Exposure to best practices for the product or process

Your procedures may be meeting the regulated standards of your industry. They may even be holding up to wear & tear fairly well.   But, are you certain you’re getting the most out of it? How certain are you that the process you’ve had in place are still the most cost effective, or safest available?  A Lunch & Learn experience can expand your repertoire of upkeep methods, refresh your user safety habits and open up opportunities to improve.

5. No-pressure atmosphere

The comfortable and at-ease atmosphere of a Lunch & Learn cultivates camaraderie & leads to mutually beneficial ongoing relationships, and of course a great lunch! An atmosphere of learning and open discussion has tremendous impact on relationships, that emails and reading (publications) simply cannot convey fully. Our team at SepSol enjoys getting to know you and your needs, and we welcome the opportunity to be a positive part of your continued success!


What topics will benefit your teams?
Here are just a few of the topics we offer:

• Effective Drying ~ moving beyond your old biconical.
• Powder Processing Solutions
• HPAPI Containment & Process Safety
• Milling & Sieving
• Dry Fog; Bio De-contamination & Disinfection Processes- Effective Sanitary Options
• Metal Detection for Food, Cosmetics and Pharma
• Metals Removal for Food, Cosmetics and Pharma
• Lab Testing With Process Development Options In Mind
• Lab Testing for Compliance
• First-rate Filtering: Consumable Efficiency

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