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"Jim [and team] is an outstanding salesperson and an outstanding person. His in-depth questioning skills affords him the ability to collect and utilize a large amount of insight to solve problems and come up with creative solutions. When we worked together on a project, he was a valued asset to accomplishment of the task. Jim [and team] know how to build solid relationships with his clients and knows how to expertly process data to arrive at a business oriented solution. "

Jimmy A. Nelson, Ph.D., CPLP

" Sepsol is a very unique and diversified company. They represent a wide variety of material handling partners and are very capable of supporting a wide variety of projects in many varying manufacturing fields. One of their best attributes is their customer attention, when asked for either a quote or a solution to a particular issue, Sepsol has always provided us with a fast turnaround for our equipment needs and quick response for estimates. Sepsol has a very nice balance of knowledge and business partners for our needs, we look forward to working with them in the future."

Craig Ulsh – Abbott Nutrition

" I would just like to share what a pleasure it has been to work with Jim Lyon [and team] over the years.  In one instance we had a clarification issue with one of our products.  Jim had helped us in the past overcome a similar clarification problem.  He and SepSol were quick to supply samples of various filtering media for lab scale evaluations.  One particular grade was chosen from the lab studies to move forward to production.  During the initial production trials in Germany issues were seen with consistency.  Jim was willing to accompany me to Germany with very short notice to help solve the issue.  The problem was resolved within a couple of days and training was given to the German operations team.  The most impressive part of this story is that SepSol would not see an increase in sales directly since Germany would purchase the chosen filter media locally.  However, his willingness to help us firmed our relationship and showed SepSol’s commitment to helping us as their customer to grow.  Thanks again Jim! "

Mark Keinath – Dow Corning

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