Accurate & Easy Clean, Sanitary Options from Vibra Screw

Accurate & Easy Clean, Sanitary Options from Vibra Screw

Vibra Screw Inc. has extensive experience in testing the conveying of a wide gamut of materials. Food grade and sanitary applications have unique challenges with precise solutions too! Check out the Vibra Screw’s impressive database of material-specific bulk density data. 

Whatever you need to feed or convey food grade materials, the Vibra Screw product line is at your service. The principle of controlled vibration is applied to Vibra Screw conveyors with simplicity, reliability, economy and the assurance of unparalleled performance. Easy clean, tool-free take apart, stainless steel and smooth seam welding are just a few of the feature options that keep your food grade success in mind.

Consider testing your food grade or sanitary process with a Vibra Screw feeder or vibratory conveyor for testing in the field. No cost or obligation, connect with our team to get started.

From Alfalfa Meal, Apple Slices (dried), Baking Powder, Barley… to Zinc!

For Food Grade Applications:

  • All internal seams continuously welded

  • All welds ground smooth

  • All internal surfaces polished, #4 finish or electro-polish

  • Food grade gaskets and seals

  • Material contact zone covers & frames equipped with quick disconnect fasteners for ease of cleaning

Vibratory Tube Conveyor

Ideal for sanitary applications. No screws, no bearings, no seals, no material degradation, and what goes into the conveyor comes out of the conveyor. Extremely easy to clean. Available in lengths from 2 ft to 20.

Versi Feeder

The first volumetric feeder with modular design, enabling a single unit to adapt to the broadest range of feeding applications. Offered in carbon or stainless steel the Versi Feeder not only offers versatility in design but extended life span.


AccuFeed Screw Feeders offer significantly reduced cost and off-the-shelf delivery in a design that delivers unsurpassed feed accuracy and dependability with rates up to 600 cubic feet per hour.

Bio-Septic Sanitary Feeder

A screw feeder that guarantees the pharmaceutical processor, and all sanitary material handlers, flexibility of selection and aseptic security.

Conveying Almonds!

Spiral Conveyor

Electromechanical Spiral Conveyors designed to lift material up to 25 ft within a minimal footprint.

Food Grade & Sanitary Application Resources

AccuFeed: How it Works 

Versi Feeder: How it Works

AccuFeed: Quick Clean & Food Grade 

Versi Feeder: Toolless Easy Clean 

Expertise For all your Dry, food Grade applications

Let the SepSol team help match your needs to the quality, sanitary, solutions
and equipment by Vibra Screw Inc

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