ADS Excelling in the Food Industry: Meats, Cheeses, & Baked Goods- Secured!

ADS Excelling in the Food Industry: Meats, Cheeses, & Baked Goods- Secured!

Advanced Detection Systems manufactures conveyor, pipeline and gravity drop metal detection systems to insure product purity.

Serving the Food Industry

A growing meat processor in Southern California, processing livestock organs in 20 lb. corrugated boxes was shipped a ProScan Max III with a 10” x 18” aperture on a 16” wide x 60” long conveyor equipped with adjustable side guides, stainless steel casters, and detect alarm light. The search head has the heater strip kit installed in the control cabinet to keep electronics dry and for safely operating in temperatures below 40 deg. F.

Bags and Cup Trays of Cheese

Another new ADS Goat Cheese customer in Wisconsin was shipped 2 ProScan MaxIII detectors both with 6” high x 18” wide apertures on 72” long x 16” wide conveyors. These detectors were equipped with the web server enabled touchscreen for remote operation. The conveyors have stainless steel casters and motor, sweep arm reject device, and validation light. One detector will be used in a line of 4 oz cups of goat cheese in trays, and the other detector will be used on a line processing 20 lb. bags of goat cheese.

Bagged Ciabatta!

A newer ADS Bakery customer out West who got their first ADS metal detector 2 years ago was shipped a ProScan Max II stock unit with 12” high x 26” wide aperture mounted on a 72” long x 24” wide conveyor with detect light/horn and validation light, and stainless steel caster. They are processing bagged Ciabatta through the detector.

Is your food product as safe as it can be?

Let the SepSol team help match your needs to the quality solutions and equipment by  Advanced Detection Systems.

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