Environmental Solutions

Air Filtration/ HVAC

Separation Solutions provides gas filtration media and systems for a variety of processes and applications. We can help you with your HVAC, Compressed Air Optimization and Natural Gas Filtration.

Flue Gas Neutralization And Fume Scrubbers

SepSol Process Solutions has partnered with companies who bring many years of experience in providing system design, components and installation in these areas.


Sturtevant – Custom engineers units suited to the widest range of size reduction applications from large coarse particle crushers to the patented sub-micron Micronizer®.

BEKO –  Engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of discharge and treatment systems for compressed-air condensates and of emulsion splitting plants for industrial wastewater.

MAHLE Industry – Custom designed specialized filtration systems available for specific-need customers, as well as a broad selection of permanent and disposable cartridge and bag filter media for liquid and gas filtration.

Dust Collection Systems & Media

From the smallest bag collector to the largest industrial system, SepSol Process Solutions have the experience and partnerships needed to supply all of your dust collection needs. We are happy to provide complete turnkey systems including duct design and dust testing, replacement media, and components for your current system or anywhere in between.


Dust Collectors – Manufacturers a full line of fabric and cartridge style dust collectors; they are able to provide you with standard catalog selections as well as highly customized units to exactly match your unique needs, because they perform all fabrication in-house.

KB Duct – Offers a complete line of duct work, clamps, elbows, and more; design assistance available for integrating dust collection systems, fume collectors, oil  mist collectors or industrial ventilation systems.

Disinfection Technologies

SepSol Process Solutions offers green sterilants with the utmost in log reduction effectiveness for surface, area and pipeline disinfection.  These sterilants are utilized in many pharmaceutical and food contact applications.  Water systems loops and membranes can also be sterilized and cleaned using SepSol’s offerings in this area. Our Dry Fog delivery system is perfect for sterilizing lab hoods, pass through, clean rooms or manufacturing suites.


Cantel, MarCor Purification division – Offers hemodialysis providers a turn-key solution that is designed to make sure your critical water needs are being served in compliance with applicable regulations.