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Backwashable Zeta- Pak® Lenticular Filters from ErtelAlsop

Since ErtelAlsop developed the lenticular depth filter cartridge design in 1942, the design has continued to evolve with new industry requirements. ErtelAlsop is proud to introduce our latest lenticular design, the Backwashable Zeta-Pak®.

As the beverage industry becomes more competitive, manufacturers need to filter more of their valuable liquid, such as beer or wine, through their filters more quickly without changing the media. To save time, instead of changing spent media, you can simply back-flush your system and continue your process, or process a different liquid, using our new Backwashable Zeta Pak®.

ErtelAlsop’s Backwashable Zeta-Pak® lenticular module cartridge filter features a protective polypropylene honeycomb scrim covering on each cell layer of the module/ cartridge. These protective covers provide strength and support for the media against back pressure, and allow for backwashing of the filter, several times over. This design has become critical for our customers, as they realize they can get several extra filtration cycles with the same media when using our Backwashable Zeta-Paks®. Customers are also able to filter up to 30% more liquid using our Backwashable Paks® vs. other brands of backflushing modules.

Cartridge Style

ErtelAlsop manufactures a wide range of lenticular cartridge configurations. The Backwashable Zeta-Pak®, modules/ cartridges are available in two diameters, 12 inches and 16 inches, with a varied number of cells. Surface areas range from 3 ft2 to 36 ft2.

The Backwashable Zeta-Pak® lenticular filter module has an all polypropylene structure for improved cartridge integrity.

Filtration Equipment

ErtelAlsop also manufactures in house a complete line of filter housings for lenticular cartridges, including vertical and horizontal Pak® design housings to fit your application. Available materials include carbon steel, 304, 316, or 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy®, and polypropylene or fiberglass reinforced polypropylene. ErtelAlsop offers customized designs for your specific application processing requirements.

Food & Beverage Applications

For particulate and haze removal from syrups, flavorings, wine, beer, and spirits. Where appropriate, activated carbon filters can be used to remove color.

Materials of Construction

Materials of construction are kept to a minimum to enhance chemical compatibility and product safety. The filters contain media (cellulose, DE or Perlite, and wet strength resin), polypropylene support components, and polypropylene netted scrim protective covers for strength and support during the backwash procedure. Gasket materials are selected for the application and are described in the Selection Guide below.

The Format to Fit Your Needs

All ErtelAlsop media formulations can be manufactured in formats to fit your application. Filter sheets, discs and Pak® Lenticular Cartridges are all available to provide you with product to optimize your application. ErtelAlsop also manufactures a complete line of filter machinery, from Small Batch and Pilot Scale Lab Filters to Plate and Frame Filters, Sealed Disc Filters and Pak® Lenticular Cartridge Housings.

For over 85 years, ErtelAlsop has been proactively solving the depth filtration problems of industry. They originated and patented the Pak® Lenticular Cartridge concept. They created the BioClean™ Sanitary Filter Plate Assembly to accommodate the stringent cleaning standards of the pharmaceutical industry. They designed the 1S PharmaScale™ Filter at the request of a customer who needed to duplicate results at the one-inch square level. Ertel Alsop also designed the Vapormaster Plate and Frame Filter Press to contain highly flammable vapors in a factory environment. Most recently, they took the traditional plate and frame concept and literally turned it on its ear. The Diamond Series™ line of Plate and Frame Filter Presses combines weld-free technology for the ultimate in cleanliness with a diamond shape, which allows for complete drainage and venting. Constant innovation has positioned us at the forefront of the industry.

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