Circular Separators De-Dust Fruit Seeds at Eco Treasures

Circular Separators De-Dust Fruit Seeds at Eco Treasures


Circular Separators De-dust Fruit Seeds at Eco Treasures

Food processing company improves productivity and product quality with the installation of a Russell Eco Separator

Now, more than ever, sustainability and waste reduction have become concerns for many manufacturing companies. After recognizing that natural resources should be used in a sustainable and economical way, Eco Treasures set up a pilot installation specially designed to utilize processing activities aimed at reusing or recycling product back into the production process.

One of the main production activities of Eco Treasures is the ecological extraction of essential oils from residual vegetable feedstock and fine fruit seeds. To meet high-quality standards, and ensure the best production efficiency, the Belgium-based company turned to Russell Finex, the leading supplier of high-quality separation equipment, for an innovative processing solution.

The extraction of seed oil from residual frozen pulp begins by separating the seeds from the juice pulp. In order to separate the seeds, the frozen pulp is first melted, dried and the fruit seeds are passed through a press to extract the oil.  After drying the fruit juice pulp, Eco Treasures were not satisfied with the amount dust attached to the seeds, because the excess dust produced a lower quality of extracted oil.

After a Russell Eco Separator® was installed in place of the previous sieving system, Eco Treasures were able to efficiently separate dust from the fine seeds, which enabled them to send the seeds through the oil press dust-free. The results were very positive. Not only did the Russell Finex circular separator eliminate the dust from the seeds, it also saved them time by reducing the amount of labor needed during the production process.

These two factors contributed to the reduction in manufacturing costs for Eco Treasures, an increase in productivity, as well as a better product for their customers.

“As a company with a pilot production, it was very useful to benefit from Russell Finex’s experience in sieving. They were willing to think ahead with us and offered us the solution we needed,” said Stefan Ongena, Production Manager at Eco Treasures.

For more information about how Russell Finex separation equipment can help improve your productivity and product quality, contact us for more information.

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Article Courtesy of Russell Finex