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Classified. Profits & Protein Boosting with Sturtevant.

Animal By-Products: Double Your Profits

Proper pet nutrition is important to pet owners in the selection of their pet foods and pet manufacturers want to deliver better pet foods to meet customer demands. As a result, renderers and animal protein companies convert animal by-products into value-added feed ingredients and create superior products at competitive prices. To do so, they take advantage of Sturtevant’s experience and know-how in air-classification to shift and develop high-protein, low ash feed ingredients that are highly-digestible.

The cooking, defatting, milling and screening process produces a dry poultry meal that contains too much ash. Domestic pets can’t digest animal feed with a high ash content.

In aquaculture, feed represents 40-50% of the production costs and with protein requirements for fish ranging from 18-50%. The percentage of required protein varies by species with tilapia, one of the most common fish raised in aquaculture, in the 32-38% protein range and hybrid striped bass needing 38-42% protein in their diet. Fish rely on the amino acids that comprise protein versus the protein itself as they cannot synthesize the amino acids or synthesize them at a rate that is adequate for cellular requirements.

Reaching the appropriate protein level, comprised of necessary levels of amino acids, benefits the fish but also has positive effects for the aquaculture ownership and the environment. Feeding the appropriate amount of protein cuts down on the amount of ammonia released by the fish which is a major water pollutant. Additionally, eliminating excess, unneeded protein cuts down on the cost of feed which as mentioned is a significant production cost in aquaculture operations while still raising healthy fish on a well-balanced diet.

Sturtevant’s Whirlwind Air Classifier has successfully processed many animal feed materials including:

Poultry & Chicken meal
Lamb Meat & Bone Meal
Porcine/Pork Meat & Bone Meal
Fish Meal
Bovine/Beef Meat & Bone Meal
Duck Meal

Whirlwind Air Classifiers – Animal Feed Processing

The Sturtevant Whirlwind Air Classifier offers an exceptional ability to separate poultry meal and other animal feeds into products with higher protein, higher mineral and reduced ash content. When animal feed meals made from poultry by-products are classified, the protein content can be increased thereby providing value added materials needed. The air classified coarse product with regular ash is used as the main poultry meal feed for chickens. The Whirlwind Air Classifier features and benefits include:

The Whirlwind® Air Classifier incorporates a self-contained fan and rejecter blade classification system. Its internal fan design does not require cyclones, air locks or dedicated baghouse for product collection of particles in the range of 100 to 400 mesh. Completely self-contained, requires no process dust-collection equipment.

Protein process need a boost?

Let the SepSol team help match your needs to the quality solutions and equipment by Sturtevant.

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