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Cost-Effective, High Purity Filtration with the MicroVantage™ HPI Series Housings


For demanding applications that require filter housings with high purity or sanitary construction, reliability and durability, Shelco’s Filters’ MicroVantage™ filter housings offer the perfect choice for critical process streams. All HP Series High Purity filter housings provide a cost-effective alternative for high-end industrial applications requiring housings with electro-polished finish, double o-ring cartridge connectors and other quality features. High purity filter housings are designed to control particulate and microbial contamination in a wide range of industries, including the semiconductor, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, chemical processing, wastewater, food and beverage industries 

MicroVantage™ HPI Series

High Purity Multi-Cartridge Industrial Filter Housings

  • 316L stainless steel construction with electro-polished finish for maximum durability and corrosion resistance
  • Available with two closure options:
    • V-band clamp closure for quick and easy cartridge change outs
    • Swing Bolt closure for secure sealing
  • Holds four through twenty one cartridges for optimal choice of flow rates
  • Universal seat for either 222 flat/fin or double open-ended (DOE) style cartridges (226 style connectors are optional)
  • Adjustable top plate accepts variable length cartridges
  • Gauge Ports with stainless steel liquid pressure gauges (0-200 psi) provide easy monitoring for optimal system maintenance
  • Raised Face Flanges for rugged connections
  • Mounting legs provide secure installation


  • Housings may be customized to meet your precise requirements. Contact our team at SepSol for more information. 



Food & Beverage
Oil / Gas
Inks / Paints / Coatings 
Pulp & Paper

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