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ACS Valves

Quick-Clean Rotary Valve

Demonstrates the ACS Valves Quick-Clean RotorRail™ system that enables quick, tool-less access to interior

Airlock Testing Process

Each rotary valve goes through a thorough inspection process before leaving ACS.

Quick Clean Feeder – Pellet Feeder

Designed for quick take apart applications; this can be taken apart and re-assembled in less than 3 minutes.

Aero-Flow Pneumatic Valve

Shows how the ACS Valves Aero-Flow™ feeder valve is for sticky & abrasive materials.

Quick Clean Airlock/Feeder

See how easy it is to dissassemble and reassemble the ACS Quick Clean Feeder in roughly 2 minutes.

ACS Valves ACST 4 Glandless Shaft Seal

This video demonstration shows how the ACS Valves ACST 4 Glandless Teflon® Shaft Seal can be easily removed & reassembled in just a few minutes.

How to convey sticky material

Get the efficiency benefits of a blow-through, without the premature wear with an ACS AF Feeder valve.

Replacing the Shaft Seal

ACS critics aren’t wrong about removing the endplates to replace the shaft seal. But before you choose another valve, we have a question for you…

ACS RunClean ™ on RotorRails ™

At $500 per hour of downtime, it costs an average of $750 in lost productivity every time you have to clean one valve. Make cleaning suck less with RunClean

ACS Channel Changer PTD Diverter

The Channel Changer from ACS Valves is a plug type divert (PTD) designed to re-route dry materials—such as pellets, powders, kibble and granules—without any degradation.

Make cleaning suck less with RunClean™ on RotorRails™

Watch this video to learn how we’re trying to make cleaning your valve less terrible.

ACS Valves Standard Valve Assembly

This 10-step video guide shows how to easily re-assemble an ACS Valves standard valve assembly using basic hand tools.

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