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EA-Series 800 mm Filter Press

ErtelAlsop’s filter press is the most efficient and cost effective means of liquid solid separation for solution filtration or sludge dewatering.

This EA 800 factory new, 800 mm press, is ideal for processes that require 11ft³* of solids handling. Designed for fully automatic operation, this heavy duty press is exceptionally suited for applications where leak-free processing is required.

Press Features:
• Heavy duty A36 carbon steel frame work
• Recessed, Caulk & Gasketed polypropylene filter plates
• Automatic Plate Shifter – hydraulic motor, chain drive, and dual pawls
• Bombay drip trays – carbon steel lined with polypropylene
• Side rail safety lanyards stop press functions with less than 2 lbs of pressure
• Six (6) year unconditional warranty

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