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Benefiting from more than six decades of powder handling experience, Frewitt Milling and Powder Handling Solutions is one of the world’s leading dry mill manufacturers.

FreDrive-Lab Oscillowitt

Sieve mill used for the gentle milling and deagglomeration of heat-sensitive and difficult-to-process products to finenesses up to 250 µm.

FreDrive-Lab HammerWitt

The ‘HammerWitt’ Hammer Mill from Frewitt delivers the optimum crushing results at an excellent throughput for pharmaceutical products, chemicals and food ingredients.

OscilloWitt Oscillating Sieving

Provides the optimum sizing conditions with high throughput rates.

FreDrive-Lab TurboWitt

A cylindrical sieve mill for the laboratory. Having a rotating sieve drum; it is well-suited for homogenizing and control-sieving granular products to a fineness of 150 µm.

‘TurboWitt’ Rotary Sifter

Innovative new sieving system that allows high-throughput size reduction and screening of raw materials.

Frewitt FreDrive Lab Trailer

A revolutionary, modular, milling solution for R&D and analytical laboratories in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, fine chemical and food industries.

FreDrive Lab ConiWitt

Ideal for processing small-scale laboratory batches of 50 g to 1 kg, the flexibility of the ConiWitt-Lab permits itself to be used for pilot-scale quantities

‘ConiWitt’ Conical Sieve Mill

Offers considerable improvements in efficiency for sizing and de-agglomerating bulk materials.

ProFi Valve Cell Wheel Dosing

The ProFi-Valve 80 volumetric cell wheel dosing device is a compact conveyor system for solid products.

ProFi-Accurate Dosing Valve

The ProFi-Accurate dosing valve is a compact system designed for the gentle and precise dosing of solid products.

ProFi-Sword Fluidizing Discharge

Frewitt ProFi-Sword Fluidizing Discharge System is a discharge system which fluidizes powder, providing good flow behavior and preventing bridge formation

ProFi Clean Dedusting Filter

The Frewitt ProFi Clean Dedusting Filter is a compact de-dusting and filtering device with an automatic blow-back system.

ProFi-Lun Bag Holding Device

The ProFi-Lun bag holding device is a hand-actuated connection element and it is used for the dust-proof filling of paper and polyethylene bags.

ProFi Liner Endless Liner

The Endless-Liner filling head ProFi-Liner is a compact, modular filling system that guarantees hermetically sealed working conditions up to OEB Level 5.


DelumpWitt mills bulk goods that have hardened and formed lumps as large as 60 cm over time to finenesses of up to 250 µm.

DelumpWitt Grinding Demonstration

This video demonstrates a grinding of bulk white powder into fine product.

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