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Eco Separator Dewatering Recycled UPVC

Separating and dewatering recycled UPVC can result in material so pure it can be put back into making new products. Theoretically the same material could be handled over and over again giving centuries of benefits without further exhausting the earths resources. Windows and door frames are salvaged and then ground to obtain the Recycled UPVC. The Eco Separator is used to recycle PVC material through a two stage process which involves the removal of contamination and dewatering the product.

The Russell Eco Separator ® is used to dewater recycled UPVC while removing oversized particles, resulting in product that can be reused to make new UPVC products.

Increase capacity and efficiency with the Cascade System

The Cascade System can be mounted into your existing grading sieves in the same manner as a standard sieve deck and can be fitted to most round separators of 48” and 60” diameters.

The system is based on two screens of the same mesh size, mounted one above the other, the upper screen being slightly smaller in diameter. Material is fed to the upper screen and either passes through the mesh to be channeled to the discharge spout, or flows over the edge onto the screen below where it has another chance to be screened. Particles of the specified size passing though the lower screen are discharged in the normal manner. All oversized particles are discharged from the lower screen.

The two-phase separation process increases mesh area significantly, compared to a standard separator of the same diameter, raising capacity by up to 70 per cent.

The Cascade System is particularly effective where the particle size of the powder being screened is very close to the aperture size of the mesh. In this situation it is difficult for the particles to pass through the mesh and therefore having the extra mesh area increases the throughput significantly.

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