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Endecotts Brings You Microplate Precision Down to 5µm!

Did you know that Endecotts produces a range of microplate test sieves, made from electro-formed nickel plate, in stainless steel frames of 100mm, 200mm, 3 inch or 8 inch in diameter?

Endecotts microplate sieves feature unique self clearing apertures for the sizes from 75µm to 5µm. Microplate sieves are supplied with either round or square holes. Other sizes, sieve diameters and sieve depths can be supplied as required. 

It is recommended that microplate sieves are used in conjunction with a liquid medium to assist the passage of extremely fine particles through the apertures. In certain cases where this is not possible it is often found that a compatible sieve shaker can speed up the analysis, while maintaining a high degree of accuracy.


  • Precision frame (ensures consistent nestability)
  • Precise aperture (in accordance with ISO 3310, ASTM or other specifications)
  • Natural fillet (free flowing of sample)
  • Totally sealed (no crevice to lose material)
  • Evenly tensioned mesh (ensures accurate analysis)
  • Safe edge (big radius makes it comfortable to handle)
  • Serial number (ensures full traceability)

Technical Data

  • Type of mesh: Microplate
  • Diameter: 100/200mm or 3/8 inches
  • Frame material: stainless steel
  • Mesh sizes: 200µm – 5µm
  • Mesh material: electro-formed nickel plate
  • Height: full & half height version

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