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Food, Pharma and International Flights!

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Food and pharmaceuticals have a whole lot in common when engineering process solutions. With the tremendous support of our partners; Bachiller, HaF, and Rommelag Flex, we are racking up the international mileage this quarter with visits in Argentina, Canada and the US for food, pharma and other applications that vary as diversely as their locations.

Our team is on board facilitating engineering experts in various stages of processing coming together precisely to help prepare, plan, construct or upgrade and launch product lines and processes.   These tailor-fit solutions benefit from SepSol & our partners’ deep experience with process similarities as well as the crucial details that are specific to each application.  Safety, efficiency, sanitation, fit and sustainability are just some of the considerations towards a project’s success.

The team here in Kalamazoo wishes our traveling members and partners Godspeed, buen provecho, and a bientôt!