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Frewitt is Going PinMill

The PinMill-Lab is a high performance pin mill designed for pulverizing hard or crystalline products down to particle size (D90) of 10 um.

Suitable for processing small-scale laboratory batches of 50 g to 2 kg, the PinMill-Lab can also be used for the pilot-scale production up to 50 kg/h. The units compact design facilitates quick setup and easy integration into any laboratory as well as integration into a Glove-Box. The milling head is easily interchangeable on a Tr0-Clamp flange; can be combined with either a rigid or flexible isolator; and its inlet directly integrated with a volumetric dosing system. The head is easily cleaned, and can also be sterilized. Milling heads can be inerted, and are available for operation in ATEX Zones 1 and 21.


  • Very broad scope of application for all types of powders
  • Possibility of integration of the milling head in a rigid or flexible isolator
  • Volumetric dosing system directly integrated at the inlet
  • The light and compact milling head is easily interchangeable on a single Tri-Clamp flange
  • Quick, efficient, simple cleaning
  • Possibility of sterilising the milling heads
  • Available in ATEX zones 1 and 21 Cooling of the milling head Ability to integrate an inertisation system with O2 level control
  • Product recovery up to 99% thanks to the innovative geometry of the milling housing Cryogenic milling available

About Frewitt

Benefiting from more than six decades of powder handling experience, Frewitt Milling and Powder Handling Solutions is one of the world’s leading dry mill manufacturers. Frewitt develops and manufactures milling and sizing equipment for the pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical industries. Their areas of expertise include; crushing, milling, sieving, homogenization, deagglomeration and handling of all kinds of powders. In addition to the actual sizing itself, the machines can be used to change the grain size distribution, grain surface or density as well as to improve mixing properties. Frewitt’s robust designs are engineered with longevity, ease of use, and clean-ability in mind.