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How to Protect Your Plant and Property from Vandalism and Theft

Every business owner has concerns about theft and vandalism. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to this daunting problem. There’s no need to spend excessively in order to deter criminals. Routine precautions can go a long way toward theft and vandalism prevention. Making sure camera blind spots are covered by live personnel, posting large warning signs in high-visibility areas and installing a reliable alarm system are just three low-cost remedies.

Post “This Property Protected” Signage

Large signs that say things like, “This property is alarmed, video-taped and guarded,” are an inexpensive, effective way to let potential crooks know you’re a proactive property owner. It’s best to make the signs yourself rather than use printed ones from your security company. Thieves and vandals don’t need to be informed about the company you use to protect your property. In fact, the less they know, the better.

Always place at least two signs, one in front and one in back, so that anyone who approaches your building will be able to see that you have security systems in place. Keep the land around the signs clean and well maintained. Finally, never use a “Guard dog on duty” sign unless you actually use a guard dog. False signs tend to be ineffective.

Audit Camera Blind Spots

Make sure guard personnel have a complete list of zones that are not covered by cameras. Guards should give those areas priority during their rounds. Additionally, security cameras need to have sufficient resolution that they can be used to identify vandals and thieves after the crime has been discovered. It makes no sense to spend money on video surveillance if the resulting footage is of no use to law enforcement teams.

Install Traditional Alarms and Police Notification Systems

One of the least expensive security strategies besides signage is an audible alarm system coupled with police notification ability. These setups have been around for decades for good reason. Thieves and vandals don’t want attention of any kind while they do their work. Loud bells, buzzers and other types of alarms are a natural deterrent to many forms of crime. Alerting the police when a primary alarm goes off is a key component of modern security systems.

There are effective ways to minimize vandalism and theft on your property. In addition to setting camera resolutions to the correct level, property owners should be certain that all blind spots are sufficiently covered by guard crew or auxiliary cameras. High-resolution video, clear signage that indicates the area is being watched and standard alarms systems are just a few of the ways to avoid losses from common types of crime.
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