Paint, Ink & Coating Industry

SepSol and our partners have a wide range of applications that are suited towards the Paint Industry, Ink Industry & Coating Industry. With such a wide variety of solutions we are bound to have one that fits your needs. Some of the following include: filtration and drying equipment, tank & vessel cleaning, vacuum systems, sieving and container systems. If we don’t already have an application suited towards your needs let us know and we would love to work towards achieving your goals.

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BHS Filtration – Has been a leader in technology and innovation for over 430 years, and is now one of the most forward thinking companies manufacturing filtration and drying equipment.

Gamajet – Has been supplying a “Better Way to Clean” all types of tanks and vessels for over 50 years. Gamajet’s rotary impingement cleaning method  has become the first choice of cleaning.

Piab – Designs innovative vacuum solutions that improve the energy-efficiency, productivity, and working environments of vacuum users around the world.

Shelco Filters – Has used state-of-the-art research and development to design high-quality filters that increase performance and reduce costs.

Sturtevant – Has a steam or hot air powered machine, ideally suited for inorganic pigments like Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), with no moving parts, used to either reduce particle size or deagglomerate at rates up to 4 tons per hour.

Ucon – Specializes in the processing of stainless steel and mild steel with various production methods has made us what we are today. They offer one of the world’s widest ranges of metal container system.