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Mar Cor & Flecotec Featured in Express Pharma

Trends In Cleanroom Tech

In a recent news release titled “Trends In Cleanroom Tech”, two of our partners (Mar Cor & Flecotec) were featured as companies with new products leading the way. If you would like to read the entire article please click this link. Regarding Mar Cor & Flecotec, here is the excerpt from Express Pharma.

“Cleanroom technology is crucial for the manufacture of sterile pharmaceutical products because it ensures not only prevention of product contamination, but also operator safety when handling highly potent drug substances. In enclosed cleanroom environments, temperature, humidity, pressure, electrostatic charge and magnetic flux are carefully controlled, and particulates (dust, hair and skin), chemicals (oil, grease, metal ions, and vapors), microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) and radiation are maintained at very low levels. The market is growing at a healthy rate in part due to increased demand for sterile biologic drugs, although access to skilled cleanroom operators will be an issue in the future. Cleanroom technology providers are also challenged to provide new solutions to meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements and ever-higher performance expectations from the industry.

The Minncare Dry Fog 2 System from Mar Cor is the latest version of its Dry Fog Technology for modern cleanroom disinfection. The system is designed completely of 316 L stainless steel and engineered to be virtually maintenance free. It also allows for eight different nozzles or nozzle positions and is over 95 per cent faster than some conventional systems, according to the company. The latest filter products from HET Filter meet the requirements of the highest OEB level5.

The Flecozip (Flexible Containment Zip) from Flecotec is, according to the company, a novel system that offers contamination-free docking, storage and transfer of toxic or sensitive bulk solids through the use of a patented, split zip fastener that joins two separate connections together in an airtight and dust-free manner.”


If you would like to learn more about either Mar Cor or Flecotec please feel free to reach out to SepSol toll free at 866.473.7765 or simply click the button below.

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