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MicroClear™, Triple Action Depth Filter Media from ErtelAlsop

Sub-micronic liquid filtration and adsorptive treatments in one step, with MicroClear™ Activated Carbon Depth Filter Media

Consisting of immobilized activated carbon and cellulose fibers, ErtelAlsop’s MicroClear depth filter media provides superior adsorption characteristics over traditional stirred tank or packed bed carbon applications. Designed for use in a single-pass process, the large surface area of carbon to the process stream enables highly efficient color or odor removal. Unlike other depth filter media, designed for mechanical particle removal, MicroClear depth filter media are designed for adsorption of colors, odors or other soluble contaminants.


• Alcoholic Beverages
• Pharmaceutical API’s
• Gelatins
• Fragrances & Oils
• Silicones
• Organic & Inorganic Acids
• Enzymes

Carbon Type Activation Typical Application
S51 Carbon
Steam Activated
General Applications
CGP Super Carbon
Chemically Activated
Decolorization in Pharmaceutical Applications
G-60 Carbon
Steam Activated
Fine Chemical and Pharmaceutical intermediates

Activated carbon is highly porous over a broad range of pore sizes, from cracks and crevices to molecular dimensions. It is this porosity that provides activated carbon’s unique adsorptive properties. Generally, activated carbon contains surface areas in the range of 500-2000 m²/gm. “Activation” refers to the development of the adsorption properties of carbon. Adsorption occurs when the organic molecules bond to the internal pores of the activated carbon. This happens in pores slightly larger than the molecules being adsorbed, which makes it extremely important to match the molecule being adsorbed to the pore size of the activated carbon.

Careful blending of filter aids and cellulose fibers with activated carbon yields sub-micronic filtration and adsorptive treatments concurrently. ErtelAlsop manufactures carbon-impregnated media in a range of removal ratings and configurations. This provides standardization of carbon treatment in addition to simplicity and ease of handling and operation.


“Triple-Action” Micro-Clear™ Media provides:

• Controlled Filtration
• Decolorization
• Deodorization

Standardization of carbon treatment, simplicity and ease of handling

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