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Nature’s Pride Experiences Efficiency Boost with Bizerba’s Sustainable Labeling Technology

Article Originally Published by <a href="" target="_blank">Fresh Plaza</a>
Article Originally Published by Fresh Plaza

Bizerba is a worldwide leader of manufacturing retail scales, slicers, weigh price labeling equipment as well as checkweighing systems, industrial scales and software.

Waste reduction and process optimization by labeling fruit and vegetables individually

Nature’s Pride, in collaboration with Bizerba Netherlands, has taken a huge step towards reducing waste. By installing an LDI20 PAC8 , a label dispenser from Bizerba, with customer-specific adaptations, Nature’s Pride has the absolute first for this solution across Europe.

Waste reduction

As a supplier of 230 unique fruit and vegetables from 59 countries, an efficient and optimal business process is an absolute precondition. In addition to a continuous concern for quality, Nature’s Pride also aims to work as sustainably as possible. A solution that makes it possible to set the exact number of labels required per production badge, considerably reduces the waste of labels and residual materials that have been produced in excess


Where labels were manually applied in the past, the automation of this process has proven to be a significant efficiency boost for Nature’s Pride. The operation of the machine is smooth and extremely easy thanks to the easy to operate screen. When working in shifts, no detailed instructions are required to transfer control settings to a subsequent shift.

The modular construction of the LDI20 PAC8 offers a high degree of flexibility, allowing processing of different packaging sizes, packaging and label sizes. For example, only one label dispenser can handle different label sizes. In addition, all applicators are equipped with a printer, which can print a bar code and / or batch number. The system is easy to operate and maintain. The optical sensors automatically position the label, as do the dispensers themselves. The fruit and vegetables can be labelled in fixed batches without packaging. In short: for example, mangoes or avocados (but also other fruits) can be provided with a sticker each.

Each applicator is controlled separately and can be positioned automatically depending on the products. Up to 200 different programs can be stored and processed taking into account the different positions of the product in the box. The backing paper is shredded and collected in a bin, minimising the amount of paper waste.

Ease of use

The whole system is controlled by a PC with touchscreen. A maximum of 8 label dispensers, with possible spare dispensers to prevent downtime, can be centrally controlled and operated. Operation is simple and intuitive with data transfer via USB and an open interface to the parent systems via Ethernet.

New standard in fruit and vegetable labeling

With the LDI PAC8, Bizerba is definitely setting a new standard within the fruit and vegetable sector in the labeling per piece of fruit and vegetables. The originally German company has been offering weighing, cutting and labeling solutions since 1866. Supplemented with smart software solutions that help companies optimize their processes, reduce waste and prevent recalls. This solution at Nature’s Pride is a perfect example of this. The label dispenser labels fruit and vegetables individually, fully automatically. In addition, this process optimisation is an enormous efficiency boost and the labelling solution reduces waste. Waste and residual material is kept to a minimum with optimum ease of use for the operators of the display.

Label dispenser LDI 20

The LDI 20 is in a class of its own when it comes to labeling of products in trays and cartons. This system offers maximum flexibility for various package formats and labels.

The modular design of the LDI 20 allows highest flexibility making processing of various package formats, package and label sizes possible. Fruit and vegetable products may also be labeled in firm inserts without packaging. As a complete solution from hardware and software to the label we offer everything from a single source. The system is entirely made of aluminum and can be integrated in various conveyor systems. Each applicator is separately controlled and can be positioned automatically based on the products. The entire system is controlled by a PC with touchscreen which allows remote control and the connection to IT systems. Operation is easy and intuitive.

Area of Use

  • Automatic labeling of fruit and vegetable products


  • Processing of different label formats using just one label dispenser
  • Easy operation and system maintenance
  • Automatic label positioning by means of an optical sensor and automatic positioning of the label dispenser
  • During a roll change the applicator adjusts automatically
  • Processing of up to 15 different formats
  • Saving of articles and favorites
  • The backing paper is shredded and collected in a bin. This reduces the volume of paper waste to a minimum
  • Centralized control and operation of up to 14 label dispensers
  • Easy data transfer via USB
  • Open interface to higher ranking systems via Ethernet

Improve your Lines with Low-Waste Labeling

Reap the benefits of efficiency through automation in the food industry with Bizerba.
Ask our SepSol Team of Application Engineers for more information.

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