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Why Your Brand Must Match Your Culture

Thursday, 14th February, 2019

For businesses that hold themselves out to the public, consistency is both king and key. Mixed messages are confusing and can make a business seem fake to its customers. Here are some reasons why your business should strive for consistency between its brand and its culture. Clients and Employees Are Attracted to Authenticity Authenticity is something that’s in short supply in today’s world, but people can hearken back to an era where it existed in customer service. Authenticity is something


5 Manufacturing Headaches That Only Plant Managers Understand

Saturday, 9th February, 2019

A global economy changes everything, and that includes domestic manufacturing. Since the early twentieth century, manufacturing has been able to function with a basic supply and demand model. Yet what happens when new technologies change the pattern of ordering? What happens when most orders are being run through internet giants rather than small or medium-sized stores? These are the sorts of headaches that only a plant manager can understand. Demand Forecasting The basic ideas of supply and demand are simple.


WIP keeps dust in place in piFLOW®p vacuum conveyors

Thursday, 1st November, 2018

Wet-In-Place (WIP) function prevents harmful dust escaping from Piab’s food/pharma conveyors. Fitted with WIP spray nozzles, Piab’s popular piFLOW®p vacuum conveyors will ensure a safer working environment in food and pharmaceutical processing plants. The Wet-In-Place (WIP) functionality is available for inclusion/retrofitting in new and existing piFLOW®p conveying systems. The water sprayed by the WIP nozzles will wet any dust from food or pharmaceutical materials left in conveyors, preventing it from escaping into the air where it can be inhaled by processing


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