AGP Sampling ValveEach and every segment AGP valves are manufactured individually. Each client can customize their valve according to process requirements with a variety of choices in materials valve body together or different configurations or connections to equipment. One of the most striking features of this type of valve is the minimization of dead space, which not only increases product quality but also ensures the continuous process. For your convenience, AGP segment valves can be configured with the IPC technology for cleaning purposes. Providing these valves with CIP system is not necessary to remove for cleaning, which greatly increases the comfort level of its use as both a reliable cleaning process is guaranteed thanks to its design. These valves are distinguished from others on the boards of high quality, the ability to work under pressure or vacuum, unrestricted full bore, ensuring a long service life even at high or low operating temperatures.


Compared to others, AGP valve segment has a system of inflatable seal allows the valve to operate to a pressure of 10 bar both liquids, pastes or solids ensuring sealing in both directions. The elastomer seals are available for EPDM, FKM and FFKM, which are regulated by the FDA certificates. These valves can be operated automatically or manually. If automatically actuated by pneumatic actuators, integrated control system regulates inflation sequences of the board, making the life of the seal is greater. Typical applications of this type of valves are drying, loading and unloading of silos or process reactors, blenders and liquefiers. AGP segment valves are specially designed to solve problems where other valves can not operate with leaks and are not easily manipulated for cleaning.

Segmented Ball Valves

AGP Segmented Ball ValvesSegmented Ball Valves are the most sanitary valves on the market. Due to their design, no cavities or hidden areas arise while the valve is opened or closed where product can collect. A Segment Ball Valve can be used both as an inlet and an outlet valve, and can be used to shut off a stream of flowing product. The most commonly used applications in which the Segment Ball Valves are applied are: conical blenders, mixers and dryers, reactors, double conical dryers, horizontal blenders and dryers, agitator vessels, sluices and in piping. Segment ball valves can also be a part of a new installation or can replace out-dated valves in the overhaul – revamp market.

Inflatable Seal Valves

An inflatable seal provides a pressure tight closure, against the segments surface when in the closes position. When the valve is opened, a unique feature implemented in the valves Control Unit not only deflates the seal but also completely retracts it from the segments surface. The main advantage of this feature is that there is minimum drag caused during the valve’s operation, which avoids excess wear and tear to the valve’s moving components.

AGP Segmented Ball Valve CutawayMaintenance and stand still times are reduced to a minimum, not only to the choice of high-grade materials for the inflatable seal but also because of the special maintenance-free type of bearings that are used to support the valves segment.