SDC - Cartridge Dust Collector SepSolSepSol Process Solutions can leverage our relationships with multiple manufacturing partners to ensure that our customers receive the appropriate solution for their application. These manufacturing partners can provide a wide range of custom tailored dust collection equipment including baghouses, cartridge collectors, cyclones and bin vents. Please contact us to discuss your specific dust collection application.

SepSol can also provide ACS rotary valves for your duct collection projects. ACS produces rotary valves of carbon steel and stainless steel construction. These valves can feature tool-less disassembly, which simplifies cleaning and maintenance. Employing a rotary airlock on your dust collection system allows for continuous operation without the need to shut down for barrel removal or lost labor time for barrel change outs. A rotary airlock can also minimize employee exposure to dust while making your system less susceptible to material back-up and damage.
Separation Solutions knows that safety is your number one priority and can provide a wide range of products to keep you in compliance with the latest National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA) regulations.

SDC - Explosive Vent SepSolDust collection systems can come in various forms. There are baghouse systems that have been used in industrial applications for over 50 years. Baghouse systems can take anything from minimal dust applications to very heavy dust loading. Combine these with bin vents and product reclaiming.

Dust can come from many places and in many various forms of granular solid pollutants suspended in exhaust gases. In addition to solid particles there is also mist, fume and smoke collectors that will take out the respective particulate matter. These collectors are all based inline with the process and continuously pick-up the particulates from the work stations to improve air quality. Collector sizes can range from a unit for a single machine, to one large unit that has multiple pick-up points located across an entire plant.