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Benefiting from more than six decades of powder handling experience, Frewitt Milling and Powder Handling Solutions is one of the world’s leading dry mill manufacturers. Frewitt develops and manufactures milling and sizing equipment for the pharmaceutical, food and fine chemical industries. Their areas of expertise include; crushing, milling, sieving, homogenization, deagglomeration and handling of all kinds of powders. In addition to the actual sizing itself, the machines can be used to change the grain size distribution, grain surface or density as well as to improve mixing properties. Frewitt’s robust designs are engineered with longevity, ease of use, and clean-ability in mind.

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Milling & Grinding

Frewitt Milling and Powder Handling Solutions strives to maintain a close working relationship with our customers which serves as the basis for continuous development and improvement of our products and services. We will proudly share our expertise and experience with customers so that the solution we recommend is based on each customer’s specific feed material and end product requirements. Their product line includes the following plus more:

Frewitt FreDrive

The Frewitt FreDrive, an innovative technology combining multiple, milling processes in a single, milling platform dedicated to the pharmaceutical, chemical and food products industries.

Advantages and features of the FreDrive include:


FreDrive-LabFrewitt FreDrive Lab

The five milling heads; the conical sieve mill, cylindrical sieve mill, oscillating mill, hammer mill and pin mill are all integrated into a single equipment, making the FreDrive-Lab extremely efficient and cost-effective. A limited footprint and simple electrical connection facilitates the integration in all existing labs.

Advantages and features of the FreDrive-Lab include:

OscilloWittFrewitt OscilloWitt sepsol

The oscillating and rotating OscilloWitt-6 and OscilloWitt-3 sieve mill is used for the gentle milling and deagglomeration of heat-sensitive and difficult-to-process products to finenesses up to 250 µm. The novel concept of the OscilloWitt allows “Frewitting” (sizing) with even more advantages. Thanks to the continuously variable oscillatory or rotary rotor motion, the constant uniform speed and force application, the product is milled gently and with a very uniform grain-size distribution (low fraction of fines).


Frewitt DelumpWitt

In a single step, the DelumpWitt mills bulk goods that have hardened and formed lumps as large as 60 cm over time to finenesses of up to 250 µm. Hardened products and lumps as large as 60 cm are reduced to a fine-flowing powder in a single step. Its construction guarantees significant advantages and it can be used as a stand-alone unit for small batch production or in complete plants in continuous operation. The DelumpWitt sets new standards in milling when it comes to modularity, user and maintenance friendliness.
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Frewitt Crusher grinding

The CC-310 lump crusher is suitable for crushing large, hard, and amorphous lumps of product.The lump crusher is equipped with a grill and crushing pins for crushing lumps, plates, flakes, or nodules of product. The lump crusher is especially well-suited for pre-crushing product lumps, which are then ground into granules or a freely flowing powder on a Frewitt milling unit. Frewitt also includes a CCD-450 Crusher that has a particle size range of 60cm-2cm and a throughput up to 4000 kg/h.
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Frewitt ProFi-Lun

The ProFi-Lun bag holding device is a hand-actuated connection element for the dust-proof filling of containers. The ProFi-Lun bag holding device is a hand-actuated connection element and it is used for the dust-proof filling of paper and polyethylene bags. It is also used for securely attaching Big Bag filling pipes.

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