I.M.C.S. is a manufacturer of high quality products for the material handling, storage, and transfer of your dry materials. I.M.C.S. has a wide variety of products from bulk storage silos to portable storage bins, and container tilters to bag break systems.

Screw Conveyor SepSolScrew Conveyor / Material Handling

I.M.C.S. manufacturers variable speed screw conveyor system with either coreless, solid core or custom augers. I.M.C.S. can also provide feeders for your process. Screw Conveyors are designed to convey flowable solid materials. These units give you maximum efficiency when moving materials from their source to process. Their Screw Conveyors offer variable speeds to adjust the flow of material to match the speed of other machines and systems. Their extensive line of auger systems feature coreless, solid core and specialty augers. Various sizes and material of construction are available.

Bag Break System SepSolBulk Bag Loaders

I.M.C.S. Bulk Bag Loaders are available for manual operation as well as fully automated units incorporating electric hoists, flow control valves, and various methods of conveying material into bulk bags. Their Bag Break Systems are designed in the modular concept using standard components. This gives you more options when designing systems to fit your needs. Standard units include a bag station hopper, grate with cutter blade, bag shelf, and dust collecting systems. Discharging accessories include gravity, auger, or air options. The I.M.C.S. Bag Compactor will aid in disposing of your empty bags.

Box Dumpers

I.M.C.S.’ full line of Box Dumpers remove material from containers and places it into your material handling system quickly and affordable. The line includes vertical lift and dump equipment, totally enclosed dust containment units, floor level, and elevated dumpers. All equipment comes in various capacities Box Dumper SepSoland your choice of carbon, stainless or aluminum material of construction. IMCS’ Drum Dumpers remove material from drums and places it into your material handling system quickly and affordably. The line includes open chute drum dumpers, dust containment units, and vertical lift & dump units for extended dump heights. All equipment comes in various capacities and your choice of carbon, stainless, or aluminum material of construction.