KB Duct is the nation’s largest manufacturer of industrial sheet metal components. One of the nation’s oldest manufacturers of industrial sheet metal, with over 100 years of customer service and customer satisfaction. KB Duct offers a complete line of duct work, clamps, elbows, and more. Design assistance available for integrating dust collection systems, fume collectors, oil, mist collectors or industrial ventilation systems.

The KB Duct advantage is:

  • A complete offering of industrial ducting – flanged and clamp-together
  • Individual components or complete systems, including all accessories
  • Custom and special fabrications
  • Complete fabrication services
  • Custom development of special products
  • Free 3D design services
  • Highest quality – guaranteed
  • Full service and support at all levels
  • Fastest delivery in the industry


Clamp together ducting is applicable in virtually any dust collection system from wood to paper to chemical. And it is also used in fume and oil mist collection. Even abrasive applications can be accommodated. The standard KB Clamp Together/Quick Clamp Duct branches and fittings are fabricated from 18-gauge material as a standard and can be fabricated in up to 10-gauge. Likewise, elbows and duct can also be fabricated in 10-gauge for use in such applications as sand, coal or other abrasive applications.

A wide variety of gasket materials, coupled with stainless steel material makes it possible for our Clamp Together ducting to address even the harshest applications. The standard n-butyl rubber gasket is great for 95% of all applications, but the gasket is also available in FDA silicon which is great for food AND hi-temp applications. Viton and Gore-Tex gasket materials address the balance of applications where standard rubbers will be ‘eaten’ away.

As with any product, clamp-together ducting has its limitations and should not be used on heavy concentrations of liquid, or for conveyance of dust under positive pressures. Such applications should use flanged duct with a gasket (also available from KB Duct).

kb duct, clamp together duct work, forever clampThe Forever Clamp for Clamp Together Ducting

The heart of their clamp-together ducting system is our unique Forever Clamp. This is the easiest-to-install and most efficient quick clamp joining method ever developed for lighter weight systems. When joining ducting parts just as elbows, sleeves, branches, cutoffs or almost any related part, nothing works as well as KB Duct’s Forever Clamp.


Flanged Industrial Duct WorkKB Duct provides duct with and without flanges (angle rings) in black iron, galvanized or SS and with or without holes. With their three production locations across the country, they can manufacture flanged duct from 3” all the way up to the size you could drive a truck through. KB Duct can manufacture lighter gauges to full welded product in heavy gauge (even up to 1/4″)- all depending upon the application.

Industrial Ductwork Accessories

KB Duct offers a complete line of accessories for all your ducting needs. From floor sweeps, gaskets, hose clamps, hose, rain caps and all the accessories you need to complete your ducting project. They also provide your with KB Duct’s complimentary 3-D digital design layout program, they can help you evaluate the effectiveness and price of your system prior to purchase. As your supplier, KB Duct wants to make sure you get exactly what you need in order to do the job at a price that works for you. Providing a few key pieces of information is all we need to provide you with your Pricing, your 3-D design and your delivery date.

Explosion Insolation Valve

When a fire and / or explosion takes place in a baghouse or filtration system burning fuel and explosive force rapidly expands and will enter the building through the suction side duct system.

KB Duct Explosion Isolation ValveThe installation of a KB EIV in the suction side ductwork will prevent an explosive force from entering a building or workspace. A KB FireBreak Shutter System combined with the KB Explosion Isolation Valve is recommended for added protection. Often, a fire is present in a bag house and no explosion takes place. The KB FireBreak Shutter System will sense a rise in temperature and isolate the building from the hazard. A KB High Speed Abort Gate is recommended when filtered air is returned to a building. It is another Important Safety Component that is designed to isolate a hazard at the source. The KB HSAG offers Triple Protection with activation by (1) Overpressure without electronic signal, (2) Signal from a Spark Detection System and (3) Signal from a heat sensor that detects a rapid rise of temperature in the clean side duct system.