In business since 1907, Mahle specializes in the custom design of quality industrial filtration products. Custom designed specialized filtration systems are available for specific-need customers, as well as a broad selection of permanent and disposable cartridge and bag filter media for liquid and gas filtration. They serve not only the oil & gas production market but provide general industrial, chemical, and petrochemical filter solutions.

Mahle Cast StrainerCast Strainers

MAHLE’s strainers can serve a broad range of industries including water management, refinery, chemistry, process technology, air conditioning, refrigeration technology, plant and machinery construction, energy production, automotive and food industries and shipping. The product range is comprised of fabricated, cast and cone strainers.

Mahle Pressure Leaf FiltersPressure Leaf Filters

The MAHLE pressure leaf filters are used to purify processes and protect critical components in a broad array of industries. The pressure leaf filters elements are used in food and beverage applications (edible oils, vegetable & animal sources, sugar processing, corn processing, and sweeteners), pharmaceutical, water, chemicals, oleo-chemicals, oils and resins, amines, general industrial, mineral processing, and biofuels industries.

ProGuard Backwashing System

ProGuard is a dedicated line of tubular back-washable filters. These custom engineered systems are designed to meet the unique requirements of Mahle ProGuard Backwashing Systemrefinery and petrochemical applications, as well as pulp & paper and other industrial uses that need backwash filtration. Automated ProGuard tubular backwash filters are designed to provide continuous, maintenance-free operation. The system continually monitors the dirt load coming into the filter and will automatically enter into the backwash cycle to clean the filter media.


Seawater Filters

Mahle Oil Gas FilterSeawater filters from MAHLE Industrial Filtration are automatic back flushing filters and can be supplied as stand alone unit or skid mounted units. The design is suitable for both floating and fixed production platforms. Offered in a wide range of materials of construction such as: super duplex stainless steel, rubber lined carbon steel, glass flake lined carbon steel, 6Mo stainless steel, internals in super duplex stainless steel, pipework in super duplex or FREP, valves in super duplex or aluminium bronze.