Puritan Magnetics, Inc.’s magnetic Separation/Protection equipment is used to remove ferrous tramp metal contaminants from dry particulate, liquids, and slurries in the process of grain, feed, sugar, cereal, chemical, mineral, plastics, oil, textile, salt, pharmaceuticals, and recycled products to name a few. A partial list of Separation Equipment would include magnetic plates, grates, drawers, drums, humps, pulleys, spouts, and belts. These magnetic separators will ensure product purity and protect processing equipment from tramp metal damage.

Grate Magnets

Puritan Magnetics Grate MagnetsGrate Magnets are placed directly in the product stream allowing free flowing products to come in direct contact with the grate. Grate Magnets are typically constructed with one inch diameter magnetic tubes mounted on two inch centers in a frame. The length and width can be fabricated to any dimension, usually in two inch increments. Grate Magnets offer excellent protection from metal contamination. As product flows over the magnetic tubes, captured metal contaminants are pushed to the underside of the tube where they are now out of contact with the product flow preventing wash off back in to the clean material.

Drawer Magnets

Manual Clean Drawer Magnets

Manual Clean Drawer SepSolManual Clean Drawer Magnets provide excellent equipment and product protection of medium and fine ferrous contaminants in dry, free flowing products under gravity flow. Multiple staggered rows provide maximum contact area for product flow. As product flows through the stainless steel housing, it cascades over the staggered rows of magnetic tubes. Ferrous contaminants are pulled to the surface of the magnets where they move to the underside of the tube to prevent any wash off. Drawer Magnets should be cleaned periodically for the most efficient performance. To clean the magnetic tubes, release the latch assembly and open the door. Remove the grate assemblies one at a time. Remove the tramp metal by hand. Use extreme caution and wear gloves during the process. Rare earth magnets are extremely powerful and tramp metal is very difficult to remove by hand. EZ CLEAN™ or POW-R CLEAN™ options should be considered.


EZ Clean Drawer Magnet SepSolEZ CLEAN™ Drawer Magnets have a simplified cleaning mechanism requiring a minimal amount of effort. Simply release the latch assembly and pull the drawer open. As the magnetic tubes exit the housing they are drawn through a scraper assembly which physically scrapes the tramp metal off the tubes and into a collection tray. The entire cleaning process takes place outside of the product flow through area eliminating the possibility of tramp metal returning to the processing system.


POW-R CLEAN™ Drawer Magnets operate through manual or automated control. The pneumatically operated POW-R CLEAN™ system removes the magnetic tubes from the housing. As the magnetic tubes exit the housing, they are drawn through a scraper assembly which physically scrapes the ferrous contaminants off the tubes where it is discharged through a flanged opening in the safety cover. The entire cleaning process takes place outside of the product flow through area, eliminating the possibility of ferrous contaminants returning to the processing system.

Liquid Trap Magnets

Puritan Magnetics Liquid Trap MagnetsLiquid Trap Magnets are engineered to remove ferrous contaminants from liquid and slurry lines. Efficiently remove tramp iron before maintenance and product contamination problems occur. The benefits of this magnetic separator can be experienced in most cases with no appreciable pressure drop or reduction in flow rates. All units incorporate a sump type housing to trap non-ferrous particles. Liquid Trap Magnets may be installed horizontally, vertically, or on an angle without affecting their magnetic efficiency.

Air-Vey Magnets

Air-Vey Magnets are designed to remove ferrous contaminants from products in pneumatic conveying systems operating at 15 PSI or less. Also known as a Center-Flow Magnet, Cartridge Magnet or Pneumatic Line Magnet these units are used to ensure product purity and protect process equipment. Pneumatic Conveying Magnets install easily in a horizontal, vertical, or angled positions with compression type couplings or weld in place. For dilute phase conveying systems, the magnet assembly is located in the center of the flow area. The flow through area of the housing is engineered to maintain the same product velocity with no appreciable drop in pressure. Inside the stainless steel housing is a powerful cylindrical shaped magnet with a cone shaped nose. Plate Style Air Vey Magnet SepSolAs material enters the housing, the nose cone diverts the material around the cylindrical magnet where it passes through the magnetic field and ferrous contaminants are drawn to the magnetic surface. Ferrous contaminants are safely held in place as the cleaned product exits out the opposite end of the housing. To clean captured ferrous contaminants, remove access door from housing by opening latches. Remove the magnetic element from the stripper shell and set aside. Ferrous contaminants will have fallen on the housing door where they can now be safely discarded. Return magnetic element to the stripper shell and install on housing. Once you have securely latched the door and magnet assembly to the housing you are now able to resume conveying product.

Other Magnetic Products

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