ZenPure Filtration is an ISO 9001-2000 certified manufacturer of filter cartridges, equipment and systems. Their filters are used with confidence and satisfaction by customers worldwide in pharmaceuticals, food & beverage and many other demanding industries. ZenPure manufactures filters and membrane devices of any size, fitting type, and configuration based on a global portfolio of filtration membranes and media combinations.

Filter Capsules

Filter capsules and cartridges are the basic purification tool and commodity of many pharma and biotech processes, beverage production, laboratory and general purpose applications. Cartridges and filter capsules meet or exceed international standards of safety compliance. Integrity testability and retention efficacies meet or exceed industry requirements. Validated products are supported by our validation services.

Mini Cartridges

Typically used in small volume manufacturing, Mini Cartridges are designed to minimize chemical holdup volume. Mini’s fit stainless steel filter vessels. For gas and liquid applications Mini’s clarify or sterilize fluids. Mini’s are manufactured in more than 15 types of media and membrane to meet nearly any process parameter. These products are  available in a variety of media for multiple applications.

Cartridges PureFlo® (MCP) Polypropylene Membrane Cartridges

PureFlo® Polypropylene Membrane Cartridges are highly retentive and naturally hydrophobic filters. The polypropylene membrane is a reliable choice for the purification of aggressive chemicals, compressed gases, and vent applications. The all-polypropylene construction is an excellent economic alternative to more expensive fluoropolymer-based cartridges. No adhesives, binders, or surfactants are used in the manufacturing process. Furthermore, the all-polypropylene construction provides excellent thermal and chemical compatibility with low and high pH chemicals. PureFlo® Polypropylene Membrane Cartridges are absolute rated to ensure consistent filter performance each and every time out of the package. All filter cartridges are 100% integrity tested to ensure filter performance.

PureFlo Industrial Glass MicroFiber Cartridges

PureFlo® Industrial Glass Microfiber cartridges are highly retentive filters that have a pleated design to maximize surface area. The borosilicate microfiber media in an all polypropylene construction provides excellent chemical  compatibility and superior flow per surface area.  No adhesives or surfactants are used in the manufacturing process. The borosilicate microfiber is “non-fiber releasing.” The borosilicate microfiber is ideally-suited for particle reduction. In addition, the media provides superior flow and pressure drop characteristics per unit area.  PureFlo® Industrial Glass Microfiber filter cartridges are well-suited for applications where superior flow and retention of deformable and non-deformable particles is required.

Specialty Filters

PureFlo® SVL Void capsules has 5 capsule sizes to choose from. These units have internal void areas that can be utilized for several purposes. These can range from diatomaceous earth collection and filtrationspecialty filters from zenpure to pressure surge minimization. The inlet and outlet ports are available with 36 fittings options, eliminating the need for transition connectors. The SVL series capsule has luer lock upstream vent and drain connections, allowing for easy process control. These capsules eliminate the time and expense associated with assembling and cleaning stainless steel housings.

Disc Filters

There are 14 different media options with 20 fitting options that can be placed in an all-polypropylene or polyethylene shell construction for excellent chemical compatibility. The small, compact design of the filter capsule also reduces hold-up volume and exposure to hazardous chemicals. No adhesives, binders, or surfactants are used in the manufacturing process. The unit is thermally-sealed to ensure integrity.

Bag Filters

Chem Bags are designed for chemical purification and/or dissolving solid chemicals in a bag filter housing. This unique bag and filter combination allows for solid substances to come in contact with a dynamic liquid flow path. This will allow the solid contents in the Chem Bag to purify or add to the liquid stream as required. The Chem Bag has an internal sidewall that is impervious to liquid. It is made out of high density polyethylene for chemical compatibility.


All SRH Series filter bag/strainer vessels are designed for heavy service. The SRH housings come with a recessed basket, a volume displacer permanently welded to the top cover, and a stainless steel wire mesh retainer basket. Our standard wire mesh baskets increase available filtration surface area up to 30% compared to the perforated retainer baskets that come standard with competitors’ vessels. This unique and efficient design results in longer filter life and decreased labor costs.