Minncare HD Residual Test Strips


510 (k) Peracetic Acid Test Strips

Minncare HD Test Strips provide quick results with easy-to-read indicators with the assurance of accurate results associated with a 510(k) medical device. Use the Minncare HD 1% TS Test Strips as a pass/fail measurement for adequate concentration of sterilant after dilution. Then verify residual levels after rinse-out using Minncare HD Residual Test Strips.

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Minncare Residual Test Strips

Minncare HD 1% Test Strips verify adequate concentration of a 1% Minncare solution during sanitization of your hemodialysis water purification system. These convenient dip-and-read strips can be used at any test port in your system to provide an accurate pass/ fail measurement of Minncare HD Disinfectant.

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4 Single Quarts (Net 1 gallon/case), 4 5-Quart containers (Net 4 Gallons/case), 40 Gallon Drum (pkg in 55gal capacity drum), Minncare Residual Test Strips, Minncare 1% Test Strips, Sanitization Kit: 6, 90ml bottles


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