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Reap the Benefits of Piab’s Vacuum Conveying Test Lab

Piab’s Vacuum Conveyor Test Lab is especially designed for engineers in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries, who deal with materials that are often health impairing and/or sensitive to humidity and contamination.

Testing in the laboratory ensures your material can be conveyed safely, hygienically, quietly and efficiently. Sharing best practices with hands-on demonstrations, the ease of assembly, set-up and minimal down time can help ease concerns when selecting new technologies.

Piab engineers assess conveying characteristics over various vertical and horizontal distances and provide you with a computer-generated analysis of volume conveyed per hour or minute over a given distance. This detailed report allows you to be certain that vacuum cycle time and energy consumption are effective. If compressed air is an issue, Piab can utilize a blower vacuum pump to provide the vacuum pressure.

Based on your specifications, Piab guarantees the testing results. Piab has a comprehensive library of conveyed materials that have been tested and documented. Along with the testing results, a video is provided to highlight the detailed results. 

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Comprehensive Testing with Piab!

Let the SepSol team help match your needs to the vacuum lab testing options from  Piab.

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