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Rommelag Flex – Flecozip

Flecozip is designed with handling hazardous substances and sensitive bulk goods in mind.

The clever system allows for the dust-tight connection of process units and transports containers, and prevents contamination during decanting, filling, or the taking of samples. Flecozip is the answer to the stringent protection requirements that have to be met when developing and producing pharmaceuticals. Flecozip also offers impressive cost-effectiveness from start to finish (of the production line), because it’s hard to find a quicker way to achieve contamination-free material transfer with flexible containers.

Fantastic for Pharma

Flecozip is primarily used in laboratories and clean rooms working on the production of active ingredients, for example for weighing in the isolator, for filling and decanting finished tablets, and for transferring powders and other solids. Flecozip can also be used as a secondary housing. There is a flexible isolator that meets the OEB 5 containment level requirements for highly toxic products without the need for costly system conversion and documentation.

Flecozip at a Glance

  • Flexible docking and decanting system
  • Easy packing
  • For most standard LDPE containers
  • In container sizes ranging from a few milliliters to 100 liters
  • Closure can be used multiple times
  • Any size
  • Variable width
  • And much more besides





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Article Courtesy of Rommelag Flex 


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