SepSol Adds New Way To Book Your Product Testing

Are you fed up with always having to search the right company to test your products?

Separation Solutions has realized that many companies just don’t have a ‘go-to’ place for their product testing. Luckily we have the answer to that problem, and it starts with a single click.

At Separation Solutions, we have the ability to test a very wide range of products from powder and bulk handling, including milling and powder separation, to liquid filtration applications; SepSol can handle a wide variety of materials, and conditions. Liquid filtration is a key application while also having the capability to cover a range of particle sizes; from coarse filtrations to sterile applications, down to 0.05 microns, we are sure that we can find a solution to fit your needs. We also have the capacity to verify our own results with particle size distribution and microscopy, among other techniques.

Most application testing is done in house, right in our own laboratory. For your business operations, this means a very quick turn around for the results that you desire. Combined with a knowledgeable team of Application Engineers, we can help your company accomplish the project from start to finish, lab to process scale. Outside of our lab, we have an array of experienced partners that are excellent in their specific industries for product testing.

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If you have any questions about our capabilities, processes, or would like to simply start talking with one of our application engineers, feel free to email or call us directly at 866-473-7765.