SepSol Launches Exclusive Partnership With Spain’s Bachiller Barcelona


August 21, 2018
Contact:  Chantelle Dowling

SepSol Launches Exclusive Partnership With Spain’s Bachiller Barcelona

Kalamazoo, MI– Michigan-based SepSol has partnered with Spain’s Bachiller Barcelona to expand the company’s product distribution catalog. SepSol acts as a manufacturer’s representative with over 16 years knowledge and experience in full production scope planning, designing and process consulting. With their small team of application engineers, and an extensive network of partners, Sepsol distributes equipment for filtration and separation, powder and bulk processing, containment, dust collection, and packaging for the pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics, and laboratory applications.

By partnering with Bachiller Barcelona, a global industrial engineering company, SepSol can now offer its customers the Spanish company’s innovative mixing and drying technologies, which include the following:

• NUTSCHE VACUUM FILTER DRYER, designed to perform extraction, filtration, pressing, washing, dissolution, bleaching, deodorizing and vacuum drying, all in the same unit without product transfer.

• INSTAMIX, a high accuracy ultra-fast mixer, suitable for all kinds of mixing products, especially for those with a fragile morphology.

• SANIDRY (Sanitary Paddle Vacuum Dryer), used for all types of wet products, including crystals, amorphous or powders, and even pastes, has completely heated Shell, Shaft, and Blades to maximize the heat exchange ratio. Typicalapplications and sectors are antibiotics, biotechnology, catalysts, colorants, essences and flavors, natural extracts, pharmaceutical synthesis, pigments, vitamins.

SepSol Managing Director James Lyon said the partnership was initiated in 2017 when he met with Bachiller’s Jordi López in Barcelona. Lyon says SepSol is excited about the exclusive partnership with Bachiller Barcelona, “It is my pleasure to announce that SepSol and Bachiller Barcelona have exclusively partnered to bring innovative technologies for specialized drying and mixing to the USA and Canada. We are excited to introduce the Bachiller solutions to our customers in the pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food industries!”

“We at Bachiller Barcelona are excited to pair our extensive experience in the industry with the knowledgeable team at SepSol as our exclusive distributing partner in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. We anticipate a rich, and mutually beneficial working relationship ahead!” 

~Jordi Carrera López, Product Manager Filtering & Drying, Bachiller Barcelona

To learn more about the new partnership and SepSol’s Bachiller products, visit Schedule a consultation to review the possibilities for your application by calling the Kalamazoo office at (866) 473 -7765or via email at

About SepSol 

Founded in 2002, SepSol represents partners throughout the United States and serves greater Michigan, the MidWest, and Canada. Working closely with engineers and process developers, the SepSol team focuses on solution-oriented expertise and concepts, offering customers complete systems as well as replacement components and filtration media. The company has offices in Kalamazoo, Chicago, and Detroit. For more information, or to talk with one of SepSol’s application engineers, visit or call (269) 344-7360.

About Bachiller 

For more than 50 years, Bachiller has specialized in the design and construction of process equipment and pressure vessels for the chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food, petrochemical, energy and refining industries. The industrial engineering company works in more than 25 countries, either directly or through their extensive network of representatives and local partners. Bachiller’s headquarters, manufacturing workshops, and pilot plant are located in Parets del Vallés, near Barcelona, Spain.  Learn more about Bachiller at


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