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Sift Out Concerns Over Food Safety

Reduce contamination risks from process equipment and physical contamination with the farleygreene range of Sievmaster industrial sieving machines.

Dealing with food safety requirements can be a daily challenge for food manufacturers but also a necessary part of protecting brand reputation. Sievmaster sieves and screeners significantly reduce the risk of contamination during the process and maintain product quality without impacting on production targets.

Minimizing cross-contamination
All Sievmaster equipment has been hygienically designed to prevent bacterial contamination and make hygienic assessment easier. Sievmaster sieves are designed with smooth, easy to clean, crevice-free surfaces, constructed with FDA approved materials, and are available with special finishes to deal with individual product flow characteristics to minimize product build-up.

Detecting foreign material
Sievmaster sieves are widely implemented in the food industry at Critical Control Points (CCPs) to protect food ingredients from physical contaminants, their high-powered vibratory screening action ensures that good product flows through the mesh and oversize contaminants are exposed for removal. Furthermore, rare earth magnets fitted under the sieve mesh screen ensure that any metal contaminants are detected during the process.

Health and Safety requirements
The vibration from sieving machines can easily create dust particles which can be hazardous to the surrounding environment. Sievmaster sieves feature a fully enclosed, airtight design which protects the operator from airborne dust particles as well as the product from contamination risks. All Sievmaster machinery is operator safe, can be stripped down easily and quickly without tools, is designed for low-level lifting, ATEX approved, and carries low levels of noise exposure (at less than 70 dBA when in use).

Farleygreene is ISO 9001 certified guaranteeing a high level of quality machinery. From initial request all the way through to after-sales support their dedicated Sales Engineers take the time to understand your requirements and work with you to find the best product.

Food process sieving with confidence

Sift out your food safety concerns with farleygreene.
Our SepSol Team of Application Engineers can help!

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