You are currently viewing Strain-Free, Easy Lifting. Piab piLIFT® SMART.

Strain-Free, Easy Lifting. Piab piLIFT® SMART.

The piLIFT® SMART is really something else – in every sense. Combining the best of vacuum lifting technology with low energy consumption, minimal sound levels and smart data features, the quick and intuitive piLIFT® SMART is truly a leap forward. Piab’s R&D Manager Anders Lundin tells the story of how the piLIFT® SMART came to be.


The piLIFT® SMART – like our Vaculex® range of vacuum lifters – uses vacuum to both grip and lift the load in a single movement. The control handle is easy
for the operator to use and the load feels weightless. The bottom swivel and angle adaptor allow the user to rotate or turn the lifted object as required. The power source is a frequency controlled electric pump, activated only to the extent needed, resulting in low energy use and minimal sound levels.

Piab vacuum lifters reduce the risk of injury associated with manual handling significantly; the load on the operator’s body can be reduced by more than 80 percent. Long lasting and safe, our solutions provide many benefits including reduced sick leave, lower staff turnover and better staff utilization — most often combined with higher productivity. Products are developed using the latest technology to meet industry and user demands. The piLIFT® SMART being no better example of this.

Key Features:

Research and Development Manager, Ergonomic Handling Division, Piab

In the piLIFT® SMART, the system controls the pump and valves, feeding power only when needed. This results in an energy consumption that is 76 percent lower than other comparable vacuum lifters. Vacuum is generated only when the user needs to grip or lift, keeping the air flow minimal at other times. This makes the piLIFT® SMART operate at a mere whisper.


Using lifting equipment greatly lowers the strain on the body. Every aspect of the piLIFT® SMART is designed with ergonomics and natural movement in mind. The design of the control unit, the shape of the handle with interactivity, handguard and the placement of the control buttons are prime examples of ergonomic features. Ergonomics is key.


The piLIFT® SMART interface is intuitive, logical and easy to learn. With its variable speed buttons you press the upper button and it lifts; press the lower and it descends. The piLIFT® SMART senses its movements, responding quickly to user intentions. Add minimal sound levels and smart functions and you have a great user experience.


The piLIFT® SMART constantly collects data that can be displayed on the built-in display or by logging in to a web platform. Online you access data on the number of lifted units, the weight of the objects, maintenance and service messages and much more. This will help you ensure the wellbeing of the user, streamline your everyday processesand maximize performance.

THE piLIFT® SMART makes use of the same principle of physics as all vacuum lift ers, utilizing the same single vacuum source to both grip and lift . This has the added benefi t of an inherent safety feature no other lift ing solution provides: if the object cannot be gripped, neither will it lift . Hence, there is no risk of dropping it unintentionally. The piLIFT® SMART has a capacity of 40 kg (90 lb).

  1. Up/Down variable speed controls.
  2. Quick release buttons, for right- or left -handed use. Press briefly for automated pickup or release, enabling you to lift from hard to reach spaces without undue strain.
  3. Swivel (360°) and angle adapter (0° – 90°), enabling you to rotate the lifting object and to lift packages from the side.
  4. Enter button. For example press to memorize unloaded and loaded balance level.
  5. Standby button
  6. Display, showing for example the weight of the load.
  7. Ergonomic grip and protective hand guard.
  8. Suction cup, 150 mm [6.10″].
  9. Lift tube with cover sock.
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