Sturtevant Improving UVB Protection Through Zinc Oxide Deagglomeration

Improving UVB Protection Through Zinc Oxide Deagglomeration

A global provider of engineered nanomaterial solutions needed to improve their process for deagglomerating zinc oxide particles for use in sun protection products including sunscreens and daily wear moisturizers and cosmetics. The global provider deagglomerated the zinc oxide to boost performance of the UVB protection and eliminate any whitening affect it could cause in the assorted personal care products. A more efficient solution to deagglomerate their zinc oxide would translate into a wider customer base.

The provider’s search led them Sturtevant based in Hanover, Massachusetts. Sturtevant is a manufacturer of particle size reduction, and air classification, equipment including the Micronizer jet mill series. The Micronizer jet mills caught the provider’s attention with its long history of success in deagglomeration utilizing compressed air, gas, or superheated steam to grind and classify materials in a single chamber with no moving parts. To confirm that the Micronizer jet mill could operate to their expectations, the global provider opted for testing through Sturtevant.

The testing for the zinc oxide was performed on a 4” Micronizer with the goal of deagglomerating the zinc oxide in the range of 0.15 to 0.5 µm. After a series of tests, Sturtevant was able to produce the targeted deagglomerate range and take the gathered data to make customization suggestions including Teflon liners. Rich Robatzek, Product Manager for the Micronizer at Sturtevant, explains that most testing for Micronizer applications are run on the 4” model because “data collected from tests run through the 4” Micronizer can be used to scale up if production requirements need models anywhere from 4” all the way to 42” which allows for less material to be used in testing but still able to achieve accurate results.”

After testing confirmed expectations, the global provider went with the 4” Micronizer for their deagglomeration needs with intentions of expanding the operation to meet demand for a zinc oxide product that does not add unnecessary whitening to a variety of personal care products and increases the effectiveness of UVB protection within these products.

Article Courtesy of Sturtevant 2017