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Testing Services For Particle Reduction

Particle Reduction & Air Classification

Air Classification & Particle Reduction Sturtevant TestingIn addition to manufacturing particle reduction and air classification equipment, Sturtevant offers testing services at their fully equipped facility in Hanover, MA. The process equipment available within the facility includes jet mills, air classifying mills, pin mills, jaw crushers, roll crushers, disc mills, hammermills, and air classifiers. With these options, qualified laboratory technicians are able to process dry solids from 1/4″ to 0.25 microns so customers can evaluate and determine the best way to achieve fine particle sizes, validate product expectations, and confirm economic feasibility.

To start your application to test your products, you can start by going to our Schedule A Visit form. To ensure the material can be safely processed and tested at the facility, a SepSo Application Engineer will have to review your form submission. In the case that Sturtevant is not properly equipped to handle the material, alternatives available will be provided for the material or application.

Once scheduled, customers have the opportunity to visit the facility and benefit from hands-on experience, equipment operator training, and technical presentations. Bill Chapman, Lab/Service Manager for Sturtevant, explains that witnessing tests in person “adds valuable insight into the machine and its capabilities.” Whether a customer is able to visit the facility or not, laboratory technicians provide key observations such as wear protection requirements and material handling recommendations. Given the diversity of materials tested, the laboratory is equipped to measure low micron powders with a wet/dry laser analyzer, fine powders with wet/dry sieves, particle shape with micropsy, blaine/surface area, bulk density, and moisture content.

Data derived from testing, and provided to the customer, can be used to scale-up to production equipment and give performance guarantees. Customer confidentiality is maintained throughout the testing process and any exchange of proprietary information.

*Originally posted on Sturtevant’s website