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Testing to Proven Results, ADS Ensures Accurate Metal Detection

Ortho Molecular Ensures Quality Product With an Advanced Detection Systems ProScan Metal Detector

Never lose focus on product quality

In spite of these tough economic times, Ortho Molecular business is doing very well and it is no secret that part of that success is the company’s commitment to 100% product quality and customer centricity. From its manufacturing facility in Steven’s Point Wisconsin, Dean Kramer, Ortho Molecular Products Vice President of Operations, knows firsthand what it takes to manage a Nutraceutical operation. The state of the art production facility in Stevens Point has been producing product for over 14 years and has seen significant growth since its early days. According to Dean, business is “awesome” largely in part because of the exciting innovations in its manufacturing processes, its continued focus on product improvement and efficacy. Ortho Molecular Products has never lost focus on producing a quality product and part of that commitment to quality systems is using a ProScan metal detector manufactured by Advanced Detection Systems that is based in the same state. Each step on the manufacturing process is carefully measured, evaluated and implemented to ensure 100% product quality.

“Working with doctors requires very high standards and the ProScan metal detector helps Ortho Molecular exceed our detection requirements”.

The ProScan metal detector’s unique design helped Ortho Molecular meet their quality standards

The ProScan’s unique design and patented technology is able to learn the product effect often found in most products without the interference of external factors such as vibration that cause false positives. With only two passes, the computer is able to memorize the product signal and continually recall it when product passes through the aperture. The net result is detection standards that meet the Ortho Molecular quality standards and the Food and Drug Administration detection requirements. These standards are critical for the company as it ensures 100% customer satisfaction. According to Dean, “working with doctors requires very high standards and the ProScan metal detector helps Ortho Molecular exceed our detection requirements”.

With its extremely accurate computer, the ProScan system can inspect the entire product and determine the presence of metal anywhere in the product prior to container capping. If metal is detected, the procedure calls for rechecking the batch. This extra check is another step in ensuring high quality standards for its products.
On one occasion, the metal detector found metal in the product and through careful analysis, the maintenance personnel were able to track the exact location where the contaminant entered the product. As a result, the maintenance personnel were able to react quickly and as Michael Berner, Ortho Molecular Process Engineering Manager, stated, “fix the problem directly at the source”.

In the end, the company’s manufacturing process is in a “state of continual improvement and the ProScan metal detector helps us achieve our company’s directives” Michael stated further.

Customized ProScan does the job!

Recognizing the need for a highly sensitive system that worked for their particular application, Ortho Molecular knew it had to purchase systems that were designed specifically for their purpose. In spring of 2009, they purchased several ProScan systems from Advanced Detection Systems because it wanted a company that could provide custom metal detectors that were uniquely designed for their application and machines. Each system had a specific conveyor dimension that fits exactly into the production line. The products had to transfer smoothly from one production line to another without affecting the throughput or causing product jam up. The conveyors required the use of ribbed belting, adjustable side guides and finger transfer plates. Finally, the reject devices had to operate quickly and accurately in removing the contaminated product. “Although customized systems are never our first choice, having the ProScan metal detector meets our exact needs was most important,” explained Michael.

Recalling the early days after the metal detectors were put in place, Michael noted that the easy to use touch screen made setup “a breeze”. He further stated that it was “easy to train the operators and as a result they now take care of the metal detector set up”. In the end, “having a metal detector in place is a good thing,” he further noted.

Free Product Testing

Use Advanced Detection Systems’ free product testing service to ensure that you are investing in the best possible metal detector for your application.

Product testing service is conducted promptly at the ADS factory lab in Milwaukee, WI. Product testing procedure has been developed to provide the following benefits:

  • You will receive a factory Sensitivity Guarantee indicating the optimal ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel detection levels for your specific products in the metal detector aperture size you will be using in your process
  • Using ADS product testing service up front leads to trouble free start-up of the metal detection system at your facility
  • Product testing allows Advanced Detection Systems to build the metal detector for optimum performance and reliability in your specific products

Use the ADS product testing service and receive a sensitivity guarantee!

metal detection precision

Considering product testing with Advanced Detection Systems? Our SepSol Team of Application Engineers can help get you started!

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